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Black Women are the Future

Black Women are the Future

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"Black Women are the Future" is a coloring book that was explicitly designed in every aspect to uplift young black and brown girls as well as women. This coloring book features some of the most prominent and groundbreaking women in U.S. history as well as a large number of examples from everyday life that hope to exemplify the beauty and grace that are black women. The name Black Women are the Future is to ensure young girls that they know that whatever the future holds for the world, they will be the ones to make it happen.


The faces in the coloring book are either blank or exemplify features that we, as black women, are trained to hate about ourselves (ex. nose, lips, eyebrows). I want young women to visualize themselves as these women and to be able to color in books with women that look like them or their mothers. It is essential that children can see themselves in everything around them, whether that be movies, TV shows, books, plays, or even something as simple as a coloring book.A coloring book made for black girls by a black woman.

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